"I’m an adult, but not like a real adult"
- anyone between the ages of 18 and 25 (via prettyboystyles)

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"For lonely people, rain is a chance to be touched."
- Simon Van Booy (via a0mame)

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"Don’t date a girl just because everyone else in the room can’t take their eyes off her, or that black dress hugs her curves perfectly. Date a girl who you think about while waiting for the subway. Who makes you want your words to sound like some pretentious asshole who sits at Starbucks all day with a laptop wrote them. Date a girl who makes you think of stargazing in the summer and hot drinks in the winter. Don’t date a girl you can see the rest of your life with, date a girl who makes certain moments of your life unforgettable. Don’t date a girl who if after two weeks she “won’t give it up” to you. Don’t date a girl who if after 6 months won’t give it up. Date a girl who you will wait till the ends of the earth till she’s ready, a girl who you will gladly light the candles for. Date a girl who you will do anything to get that smile that melts your heart. Don’t date a girl who you’re dependent on. Date a girl who makes you more dependent on yourself to be better."
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I really don’t care about expensive gifts, expensive dates and all that sappy shit. Cuddle with me, smoke with me, make me laugh and be there for me and that’s all I need


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